Serendipity Stables is a welcoming place. We have fabulous programs, happy contented horses, friendly boarders, beautiful pastures, and a motivating atmosphere.

Owner Dausha Campbell has a passion for horses, a gift for teaching, and the desire to share her expertise with others, young and old. Her mission is to create a safe and comfortable environment for horse lovers to work with their horses and continue learning new skills.


Dausha has over 35 years of experience working with horses, having graduated from The Grier School in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, with focus on Equestrian Studies, including Riding Techniques, Stable Management, and Horse Care. While at The Grier School, she participated in the Central Pennsylvania Horse Show Association (CPHA), winning the Jumper division three years consecutively.

She received her Riding Masters Degree from Meredith Manor in Waverly, West Virginia, along with a Certification in Judging and Instruction. She began her career in Arizona teaching, training, and working with Arabians and Cross Country warm bloods. She participated in the Arizona Horse Association Shows and 3-Day Events, specializing in the disciplines of Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Western and English Equitation and Pleasure, Saddle Seat, and Halter.

After 10 years in Arizona, she moved to Western New York and began another successful stable conducting lessons, boarding, training, summer camps, and showing in the New York Horse Association. Sixteen years later, she moved to Plymouth to care for her parents, and to launch her dream:  Serendipity Stables.


  1. To provide everything possible to encourage client participation at Serendipity Stables, and to achieve a most fulfilling horsemanship experience.

  2. To nurture and educate the youthful attendees and enhance advancement in self pride, a sense of responsibility, courage, and respect for themselves and their comrades.

  3. To commit to its clients and their horses to achieve the highest level of horsemanship in all aspects.

  4. To place most careful attention to health, wellbeing, and safety of both riders and horses.

  5. To determine and correct any action detrimental to the successful attainment of a happy environment in which to pursue the clients’ desired goals.

  6. To hold the highest respect for the dignity of all its associates without regard to race, age, sex, or national origin.

About the Stables


Our horses love the winter here, too. Click for more photos.

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