Serendipity Stables is proud to introduce Theresa Gormley as a Riding Instructor. We are excited to announce that, after many years of riding and teaching experience, she has joined our farm and is available to give lessons here at the barn.

Theresa is a teacher! Her background includes work as a Special Education Advocate, over 25 years as an Early Childhood Educator, and over 10 years as a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Her love for horses has been lifelong and comes deep from her Irish Soul. She brings a broad range of experiences to Serendipity Stables in multiple riding disciplines. She is her student’s biggest fan and loves seeing them reach whatever individual goals are right for them.  She loves helping her students develop a relationship with the horse, built upon successful communication.


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Riding Instructor

Theresa Gormley

“We complement each other and work together to provide the program that’s right for you — from Special Needs to Advanced Level work.”

      ~ Dausha Campbell, Owner

Serendipity Stables

Theresa has worked with and instructed riders of all ages. She loves working with Dausha on her gorgeous farm.

We are delighted to have her move into the position of Riding Instructor.

“Bring me your desire to learn and I will develop a program for you.”

      ~ Theresa Gormley, Instructor

Serendipity Stables